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Strategia george soros forex trader

strategia george soros forex trader

Making exceptional trades requires methodical thinking combined with intuition. Soros slipped in and out of the stock while Ackman and Icahn were playing tug-of-war over who was right We dont know wholl eventually be right, but we do know that Soros profited during that tug-of-war. He makes massive, highly-leveraged bets on the direction of the financial markets. Whilst this is slightly different from my own personal trading approach which relies more heavily on technical analysis and more specifically, price action analysis, there are still many parallels between George Soross trading philosophy and mine. Soros believes you can make money from these trends, even when you know theyre false.

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Fade Extreme Investor Positioning When everyone is on one side of the boat, sometimes it pays to take the other side! Soros Japanese trade in 20 is the best modern example of the master riding a forward looking idea to enormous gains. Of course, it helps if the trader has a nonconformist approach in the manner of George Soros. Be sober, analytical, and pragmatic. If one of these variables upsets the present consensus, he knows a large move will likely occur and reward those who anticipated the potential disruption. By the time all the participants have adjusted, the rules of the game will change again. Finally, just like Soros, I too have survived this long in the market by recognizing my mistakes, admitting I was wrong and fixing the problem.